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Barcelona – Developing Teacher Program

4 reasons to spend your year abroad in Barcelona

Barcelona Developing Teacher Program

  • 12 month Developing Teacher program
  • Perfect for those who already hold a TEFL/TESOL certificate
  • Accommodation assistance, ready for when you arrive
  • Exclusive access to TEFL teaching positions
  • Flexible start dates
  • 12 month long stay visa for non EU citizens
  • Visa paperwork preparation & support

€1,200 EUR

(see www.xe.com for the most up to date conversion into your currency)

When can I start my program?

Start dates for this program are generally every month and we recommend you apply early as courses fill up fast.

Bathe in the Spanish sunshine

Barcelona boasts beautiful beaches, a fabulous social scene and is known worldwide for its unrivaled Mediterranean culture

Teach English in Barcelona


This program is suitable for you if you’re already TEFL certified and you’re wanting to live and work in Barcelona, as a non EU passport holder.

This course covers advanced EFL teaching theory, methodology and techniques and is aimed at newly qualified teachers who have already completed at least 100 hours of previous TEFL training and are working part-time or full-time as EFL teachers.

The course aims to provide a supportive atmosphere for new teachers to share and exchange classroom successes and failures with other new, ‘developing’ teachers and to gain insight and feedback from experienced professionals. The course also provides a platform to share information about life in a new city, including official administrative procedures and bureaucracy. By providing continued opportunities for reflection and discussion, as well as detailed input on advanced teaching methodologies, we hope this course will offer our trainees the chance to thrive and flourish as successful and well-rounded teaching professionals.

Upon completion of the course trainees will be expected to demonstrate the following: 

  1. Knowledge of the main grammatical, lexical and phonological features of contemporary English 
  2. Awareness of advanced ESL techniques and classroom approaches 
  3. Awareness of advanced teaching methodology 
  4. Awareness of applied linguistics and second language acquisition (SLA) concepts 
  5. Ability to evaluate, use and adapt published material and create effective teaching material, which may include using the internet, visual aids, audio, video and ICT 
  6. A good understanding of the main advantages and disadvantages of various language teaching approaches 
  7. Ability to evaluate their own effectiveness as teachers and to work cooperatively as members of a teaching team 
  8. Ability and willingness to share insights and reflections on their own teaching skills 
  9. Awareness of the need to continue their development as ESOL teachers 
  10. Ability to critically evaluate academic literature and journals relating to TEFL. 

The Developing Teacher course is 48 weeks long (one year, including 4 weeks of holidays) and requires 20 hours per week of study. 3 hours of this is input sessions at the school, and the remaining time is self study.

Barcelona is a city in the north-east of Spain and the capital of Catalonia. This is the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean coast with a population of more than one and a half million people. This old city is the most visited in Spain and attracts people with its mild climate and relaxed lifestyle, surreal buildings – Gaudi’s masterpieces, beaches and the sea, delicious food and entertainment for every taste.

Transport throughout the city is fantastic; it is very well-connected with the majority of Spain and Europe. In addition, it is among the world’s most bike-friendly cities with its 180 km bicycle lanes along with one of the most successful bike-sharing programs in the world.

Barcelona with its coastline offers plenty of sunshine hours to enjoy the local beaches. There are many tapas bars, cafes, roof terraces & pools to get that Vitamin D!

Barcelona is incredibly diverse and international. It hosts thousands of tourists, students and expats every year, which means that you’ll get to meet lots of people. Since English is the default language for tourism, so there will be no shortage of English teaching jobs in Spain.

Living expenses, rent and bills in Barcelona come to around €700-€900 per month and salaries can range from €1,000 to €1,300 per month after taxes, meaning you can live and work in this stunning city comfortably! You’ll have spare income each month to travel, eat out, and have all the fun you can in Barcelona!

Moving away from the tourist hotspots will reduce your spending significantly! Living like a local will ensure you have the full Spanish experience, whilst also being able to visit all the attractions on offer too.

It’s recommended to have savings of approx €2000 Euro before you begin your program, to live comfortably until you’re paid by your employer, which is usually at the end of your first month teaching.


The team in Barcelona have an optional accommodation service, taking all the hassle out of it for you! 

You’ll be sharing an apartment with 2-3 other people, usually TEFL students, current teachers, or if you want to brush up on your Spanish, you can request to live with local residents!

Apartments cost between €500 – €550 Euro per month, depending on the size and location of the accommodation. 


It all comes down to where you decide to live and work, following the course! You’ll have full assistance from the team, to ensure you have your new, more permanent housing secured, ready for the time you begin teaching. Shared apartments in Barcelona are usually around €500 Euro per month.

There is a wide variety of TEFL teaching positions in Barcelona, working with all age ranges! You can teach adults, young learners, business English, and private tuition. 

You also have the added benefit of a language school who hire exclusively from our course graduates! Meaning you have first access to teaching jobs there.

In Barcelona, TEFL teachers will typically work 20 hours per week, the rate of pay varies from €12 – €30 per hour, depending on class type and level of experience. 

As a new teacher, you can expect to earn between €1000 – €1300 per month after tax, depending on how hard you work.


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