Teach English in Guatemala - Teaching English Abroad
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Teach English in Guatemala

Teach English Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala TEFL Program Summary

  • 4 weeks TEFL certification
  • Pre-arranged accommodation choices
  • Lifelong job placement assistance 
  • Weekly activity calendar
  • Tandem Spanish conversation program
  • Training in Antigua – a UNESCO Heritage Site
  • Around 5-10 people on your course

$1295 USD

(see www.xe.com for the most up to date conversion into your currency)

When can I start my TEFL?

Start dates for this TEFL program are every 5 weeks, 11 months of the year. We recommend you apply early as courses fill up fast.

Discover the historical beauty of Guatemala

Teach English in Guatemala and experience the culture, history and natural wonders it has to offer

teach English in Guatemala


Antigua is a small city in Guatemala, and is surrounded by volcanoes. The entire city has been designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site by the United Nations. It’s a hub for tourists, backpackers and locals alike.

There is so much to see and do; there are colourful churches, Spanish-Baroque architecture, colonial ruins and some seriously impressive views. You can visit the famous Choco Museum and learn to make the famous Mayan delicacy. There’s also a farmers market, lots of cafes and restaurants, street food stalls and lush parks to enjoy in your free time.

You’ll want to dress in layers, as daytime temperatures average 28°C in warmer months, dropping to 5°C in the evenings.

Guatemala has a growing economy, however the cost of living remains very low. You can live comfortably on your teaching salary, whilst still enjoying trips to the beach, a lake, or a day long hike up a volcano. You can enjoy a 3 course meal for as little as $3 USD! The cost of living in total comes to around $350-$450 per month, leaving you with a little spare income each month if you budget well.

It’s recommended to have savings of approx $1000 – $1500 USD before you begin your program, to live comfortably until you’re paid by your employer, which is usually at the end of your first month teaching.


  • Host Family shared room: $570 for four weeks
  • Host family private room $665 for four weeks
  • Private Apartment: $795 for four weeks

Family-stays are with approved host families who have been working with the team for many years. Family-stays include a shared room with a shared bathroom. You will be sharing with people of the same gender and approximate age if you choose this option.

Private rooms and bathrooms are also available. Host families offer comfortable beds, hot showers, and WiFi, although internet service can sometimes be slow. Guests are free to come and go as they please, but you should always respect the basic rules of living with a host-family.

Family-stays include breakfast and dinner 7 days per week. Families are very accustomed to hosting international guests and are happy to cook vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free meals.

Private apartments are fully furnished, include WiFi, and are very comfortable. Apartments come with equipped kitchens including plates and utensils required to live comfortably and cook for yourself. Private apartments are a great option for individuals who prefer their privacy and also for couples. Apartments are centrally located and are within easy walking distance of the TEFL training centre.


You’ll have the support of the training team and your employer to secure housing ready for your arrival at your new work place. You can opt for a shared house/apartment, a studio, or a private apartment.

  • Course format

You’ll study for 150 hours over the 4 week training period. You will also complete 12 hours of teaching practises with real students. It’s a full time, Monday to Friday program, with weekends off.

  • Teaching practices

You’ll teach local Guatemalan residents during your practical sessions, usually in groups of 6-8 students and are keen to learn English!

  • Type of assessment

You will complete 2 academic papers, a final portfolio, along with your observed teaching practises during the program. 

  • Course location and centre

The school is located in Antigua, overlooking the famous Volcan de Agua. There are 22 classrooms at the training centre, a rooftop terrace with incredible views. There’s also an onsite snack bar and computer suite.

  • Requirements

To complete the TEFL course you need to be at least 18 years old (although each applicant is considered on a case by case basis). You can also be a non-native speaker of English as long as you have a level C1 or above, which will be tested during the interview. A Bachelors degree (in any discipline) is preferred, however there are plenty of TEFL jobs for non degree holders.

  • Job market and employment possibility

You have lifelong job assistance from the team in Guatemala. There are plenty of TEFL jobs in cities such as Antigua, Guatemala City and Xela. Private institutes hire year-round. K-12 schools, following the Latin American school year, tend to hire in January and February.

  • Visa Requirements

You’ll enter Guatemala on a 90 day, visa on arrival. Following the course, your employer will assist you with renewing your visa.

Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America, meaning there is always a strong demand for people to come and teach English in Guatemala! The low cost of living in Guatemala, where food, housing, and travel are all cheap, means an English teacher can enjoy a good life, even on a modest salary.

There are teaching opportunities available in Antigua, Guatemala City, and Xela. Private institutes hire year-round, whereas K-12 schools, following the Latin American school year, tend to hire between January and February. TEFL graduates find opportunities working with all age groups in both private institutes and public school settings. Local students are eager to learn, yet easy going, making Guatemala a great choice for a first time English teacher. There are also exclusive roles available to trainees in-house.

Average pay per month for a TEFL teacher in Guatemala is $450-$550 USD per month.


Ready to start your TEFL adventure?

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