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TEFL in Thailand

TEFL in Thailand

TEFL in Thailand

After deciding to apply for a TEFL course, you need to pick a location! Thailand is a great option if you’re adventurous and looking to experience something different.  Thailand is home to big cities, serene countryside, and beautiful beaches. There are great opportunities to travel within Thailand and to other countries, as well. Students in Thailand are also very respectful of teachers and eager to learn.  It has everything you could want! So here are some of the benefits of TEFL in Thailand.


benefits of TEFL in ThailandOpportunities

To teach English in Thailand, you usually need a degree and a TEFL certification. Teachers have a wide variety of options to choose from based on the types of teaching that suits them most- In big cities like Bangkok, you can teach in public or private school, private language schools, young students or business professional. The pay is also enough to sustain living in Thailand with extra money to travel on the weekends.



Locationswhy you should do TEFL in Thailand

After getting the TEFL certification, your living possibilities are endless. You can teach any place in Thailand because the need for English teachers is large. You can choose to teach near the beach of Phuket and soak up all the sun. There are also opportunities to teach in the more rural, calm areas such as Isan. Big cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai are also great options.  You have access to cheap food, amazing architecture, and low cost living. Traveling also comes at a low price in Thailand, so visiting your dream destinations are possible. The work hours of English teachers are 20 to 25 hours, so you will have free time to explore this fantastic country.


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Thai culture and traditionsreasons to do TEFL in Thailand

Thailand has so much to offer as a TEFL destination. There are tons of public holidays and religious celebrations, like the Visakha Bucha Festival where locals let off lanterns into the sky and send off little boats down the Ping River.

Thai students

Another reason to teach English in Thailand is the people. The people are really friendly and students love learning. In Thailand speaking English is a key skill so locals are keen to improve.


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