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Things to know before moving to Vietnam

things to know before moving to Vietnam

Things to know before moving to Vietnam

Many people move to Vietnam because of the low cost of living, great food, and friendly people. Moving to a new city can be stressful and it’s nice to know the important things before the big move. Here are some of the things to know before moving to Vietnam!


konw before moving to VietnamBargaining

The prices are almost never set in stone in Vietnam.  Even before tourists arrived in Vietnam the locals would also bargain between themselves and it’s common for vendors to overcharge or inflate prices when they think they can get more money.  One way to avoid the banter is by stating your price and politely walk away if they do not agree. Usually they will call you back and lower the price.  Good luck bargaining!



Learn the languagewhat you should know before moving to Vietnam

It is important to know a few phrases before you move to a new country. Here are a few phrases in Vietnamese!

Hello: Xin chao! (sin chow!)

Goodbye: Tam biet

Thank you: Xin cam on (singahm un)

Your welcome: Khong co gi (khom go zee)

Yes: Van (vung)

No: Khong (knome)

Can you help me: Ban giup toi duoc khon (ban soop thoy duc khom)

Excuse me/sorry: Xinloi (seen oy)

My name is: Tori la (thoy la)


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moving to VietnamLiving in Vietnam

Many expats have flocked to Vietnam in the recent years due to the increase in jobs, safe environment, and low cost of living.  There are also many different places to call home in Vietnam.  For the people who need the noise of the city, several communities would be perfect. The cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are great places to live and teach. Facebook groups are the most helpful when looking for a place to live. Some reliable groups are Living in Ho Chi Minh City and Expats and Locals in Ho Chi Minh City. The TEFL schools also help new teachers find living accommodations in their city of choice, so there is no need to worry.



Transportationbefore moving to Vietnam

The best and most efficient way to get around Vietnam is a motorbike. Embrace this method of transport because it’s the part of the culture in Vietnam. If you are not staying in Vietnam for an extended time, renting a motorbike is an affordable option. If you look around, you can find monthly rentals for as low as $25.  There are not many rules of the road other than use common sense and always wear a helmet. If you take the leap and get on a motorbike, watch out for the buses as they have right of way!


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