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Top five places to visit in Vietnam

top five places to visit in Vietnam

Top five places to visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is filled with endless possibilities for visitors. From bustling cities to serene beaches, Vietnam has something for everyone. Here at TEFL Connect, we give you the top five places to visit in Vietnam.


top places to visit in VietnamSapa countryside

Sapa countryside is a fantastic getaway from the busy cities. This destination is the top trekking destination in Vietnam. Take in the beautiful landscape of the verdant rice fields as you hike between the tiny villages. You can also view the landscape from the country’s tallest peak, Fansipan Mountain.  Sapa itself is growing in popularity with its old French hill station, but the quaint countryside is still tranquil. One tip is to layer your clothes and wear boots.  The valley can be chilly and a bit wet so make sure go prepared.



Hanoiplaces to visit in Vietnam

Hanoi is the best destination for city lovers. You will get a feel for Vietnamese city life with all the street vendors, motorbikes, and people.  There are also so many things to see while visiting Hanoi. The old town quarter is the business center and top tourist location. A stroll here will give you a true taste of life in the city.  For all the history buffs, there are many museums to visit while in Hanoi. The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology and the Vietnam Fine Art Museum are great choices to see the artwork of the country.



visit VietnamPhong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is the best caving destinations in Vietnam with its karst mountain formation and gigantic caverns.  The caves house a spectacular stalactite and stalagmite display. One place you have to visit in the park is the Paradise Cave. The dramatic height of the cave and the impressive stalagmite will amaze you. Be sure to get there early because the crowds start piling in around peak times! You can also visit the Tu Lan Cave, which is a wet cave where visitors can swim through the cave-system rivers.



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Nha Trangdestinations to visit in Vietnam

If relaxing on the beach is more your style, Nha Tran is the place to be. The pristine beach stretches for six kilometer along the Nha Thang city.  The beach is a huge local and tourist destination with designated swimming and lounging areas. If soaking up sun on the stunning beach is not enough, you can take a walk to the ancient Po Naga Cham Towers. The towers were used as a place of worship in the 7th century. There is also a museum about Alexandre Yersin, who discovered the cause of the bubonic plague. What could top the beach and a little history?



top destinations to visit in VietnamMy Son

For all the adventure junkies or history buffs out there, My Son is the place for you.  The temple is surrounded by jungle-covered mountains giving the ancient temples a beauty backdrop. My Son temples date back to the 4th century and were still in use up until the 10th century. Around 20 temples show influences from various Asian empires. If you want to visit, Group B has the oldest temples, but Group A once contained the site’s most important monument. The site also contains a museum with tons of knowledge about the temples.



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