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Top 10 travel Apps

top travelling apps

Top 10 travel Apps

Travel apps are soaring in popularity as we make our lives easier with technology, especially when exploring a new city or country. In this post, we share our TOP 10 travel apps and websites that will help you before, during, and after your flight. Who doesn’t want some travel advice? From luggage to entertainment or locations, this app will make it even easier for you to explore the world while living abroad.

Luggage and flights


Know the best time to buy your flights and get the cheapest rates! Hopper is like an intelligent travel agent that can analyze up to 15 billion flight prices and predicts the cheapest future price with more than 90% accuracy, according to their website. You can even set alerts on flights you’re looking for, so if you’re hoping to fly home during a certain month, you’ll be able to identify the best options.

Discover here the right destination for you!

RADICAL – Luggage Storage

When traveling, and with the popularity of AirBnb, check-out and check-in don’t always coincide with your flight times and it’s really helpful to have somewhere to store your luggage for a few hours so you can maximize your time in a new country. With RADICAL, you can find the nearest, trustworthy luggage storage site wherever you are in the world.


Have you ever lost your luggage? Aerotag allows you to track your baggage with more than 650 airlines and more than 5000 airports. You get an Aerotag card (available at www.tracernet.net), which will be used to track your luggage through the app.



Wishtrip is ideal if you love photography and video! It automatically creates travel albums with your photos, which are ready to watch and share in minutes.


I’m not sure if either Netflix or Spotify needs an introduction, but if you need some entertainment while traveling, Netflix and Spotify are your go-tos.

From award-winning movies and TV shows to documentaries and light-hearted comedies, Netflix has it all. You can download movies and episodes when in a WiFi zone before boarding a flight or being without WiFi to ensure you’re not left reading and re-reading the safety manual on your plane.

Spotify on the other hand will cover your music and podcasting needs, with millions of songs and albums available for download as well as podcasts and audiobooks. If you’ve been surviving your day-to-day life without Spotify until now, we strongly recommend you add it to your app downloads for your travels.

Once you head to your destination


The app offers free, fast, detailed, and completely offline maps (so you can save your data for more important things). You have maps available all over the world. You can choose between navigation on foot, by car, or by bicycle. And if you go by bicycle or on foot, it shows you the type of terrain – and the inclination of it. Apart from that, you can search different categories: restaurants, bars, cafes, tourist attractions, gas stations, hotels, theaters, cinemas, banks…


It has happened to all of us during a trip: read prices in establishments, supermarkets, or any store and look at the ceiling while trying to calculate how much it costs in euros (or whatever the currency is). Now you can compare prices when traveling anywhere in the world. Developed in 2009, XE Currency manages currency exchanges, providing reliable exchange rates and free graphic information. With this app, you can check exchange rates, and graphs and make international transfers. In one app, you have everything you need in terms of foreign exchange.


Everybody knows the value of traveling cheaply! With Traveloka you will be able to book cheap flights, train tickets, or rental cars, find activities around the city, discover restaurants, and save money on hotel bookings.


When you plan a getaway, a family vacation, or a weekend with friends, the first thing you look for is accommodation. Is there something cheap? It’s well communicated? Is it big enough for my group?

Hostelworld allows you to choose from 30,000 hostels and cheap hotels in more than 170 countries. The places are ordered by location, price, and user evaluations.


Are you already doing a TEFL course? Do you use any apps? Share with us your favorite ones on Facebook or Instagram and keep updated with our blog.